Dark Mode for Safari

Safari is now ready for the new macOS Mojave

Dark Mode for Safari is an extension, similar to Google Chrome extensions, that provides a better way to enjoy surfing the web by using a dark theme.

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Call me when Safari can play 4k videos on YouTube lol
Maybe in the future dark mode will be the default? @alex_denk I tend to leave my fave. dark mode apps on like that 24/7. Thanks for hunting!
@abadesi It's very possible. And I bet more apps and extensions will follow the trend, but until then... enjoy this :)
It would be cool if this extension was somehow integrated with Mojave's new dark mode feature. I've heard talks of using media queries to detect it too.
Great job!! 😊 Hope Windows has this feature in the timeline??
Why does everything cost money on Mac?!
@frenchie_m excuse me? Operating systems are free on Mac. It’s Windows you still need to pay for. Also, this is made by a private developer. It’s not an Apple product.
@mickc79 Where did I say that it's an Apple product? I said that everything cost money on Mac, specifically apps. Probably because of AppStore conditions and their expensive developer licenses, but anyway there is very few open source apps on Mac.
@frenchie_m Do you use a Mac as your daily machine? There are loads of free tools available. And also, Apps cost money because some developer somewhere has put a lot of time and effort into making them. Do you walk info a furniture store and get anything for free, or a Walmart or whatever?
@mickc79 Yes. Look at this: https://chocolatey.org/packages?... These are apps created for Windows, and most of them do not cost a dime. In Mac, every little thing is costing money. Of course there are free apps, and some are pretty decent (Spark, Ulysses...) but most developers ask for money. Don't be mistaken: I am a dev as well so I know that we have to eat. I'm not saying that developers should not ask money, but I'm just dumbfounded that most applications cost money on Mac as opposed as Windows or Linux.