Dark Matty

Help Matty uncover his past.

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A little bit more about the game: Dark Matty is a classic arcade gameplay, giving the breakout game a unique twist. The story of Matty: Matty is a little ball of dark matter, and he is confused and angry! He finds himself in the cold depths of space and does not know, where he is and who he was. Help him make his way through different planets, meet strange creatures and uncover his past.
Two different modes: * Story mode: complete 5 planets to reach the end * Arcade mode: share your highest score with your friends Unique gameplay mechanics: * Crazy obstacles (sleeping star, asteroid, golden asteroid, ice block and meteor) * Funny little creatures (friendly) * Angry bosses (hostile) * Frenzy mode (discover 3 different stages of Matty's power) * On-demand boosters (rocket, machine gun, laser, shield)
OMG, falling in love with the story, the visuals, the... everything!
@damjanobal Matty is blushing
Great job! Amazing graphics and game play style, excellent combination.