Dark Hacker News

A Dark-themed Hacker News App

It's like normal Hacker News, but darker... and easier on the eyes. Dark Hacker News is a simple Dark-Themed Hacker News app for browsing Hacker News stories and comments.
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Doesn't work on iOS 13 beta :( very excited to try this though! Currently I have a bookmark to a hackernews URL on my iPhone dock. I'd love to get rid of it
@averycarter Sorry to hear that! Not entirely sure why that would be the case. I'll see what I can do!
@averycarter Everything appears to be working as expected on iOS 13 beta 2. Just wanted to follow-up. Enjoy!
@markmurphy37 Hey just seeing this! Unfortunately it still doesn't work for me, instant crash on launch. iPhone XS running iOS 13 beta 2 (17A5508m). This is happening with some of my other apps so maybe its a problem on my end. Thanks for the follow up though!
Hi everyone! 👋🏼 I'm Murph, the creator of Dark Hacker News. Dark Hacker News is a simple Dark-Themed Hacker News client for browsing Hacker News stories and comments. It's my first published iOS app! 🥳 If Dark Hacker is well received on iOS and hits 100+ upvotes on ProductHunt, I will launch on Android as well! Please let me know if you have any questions or feedback. Thanks y'all and I hope you enjoy the app! Current features Include: Dark theme for easy reading and browsing. View stories by Trending, Ask HN, and Show HN. Bookmark your favorite stories with a swipe and come back to them later. Share interesting stories you find with your friends. Traverse the comments easily by collapsing them with a simple tap. Viewed stories turn grey so you know where you've been. and more to come!