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Generate ready to use dark CSS files for your website

#5 Product of the DayApril 17, 2020
Dark CSS generator is a free service using the same alghorithm powering Night Eye. It allows you to generate ready to use dark CSS files for your website.
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Good job! Do you plan to add a way for a developer to download 1 CSS for multiple pages.
@kambino Thanks for the good question! Although it might not be really practical for every website, we are considering adding it as a feature. We are looking to get more feedback on this!
Hey guys! Dark CSS generator is a small tool running on the powerful engine of Night Eye - the dark mode browser extension. - https://nighteye.app/ We developed it as more and more of our users asked for a way they can run Night Eye on their websites. While this is technically not possible, we went on and created a small service that will generate ready to use dark CSS files. It is a tool made from developers for developers who would like to quickly add a dark theme to their websites. Few things to keep in mind: 🌍 It works on public websites only - nothing that is locally hosted. It needs to be accessible over the internet. Similar to how Google Speed Test works. πŸ–₯ You need to implement the CSS file at the end in order in order work. πŸ”€ You need to create your specific logic when those CSS files to be used πŸŽ› If you are planning to add an option the visitor to control the theme, you need to develop it yourself. We hope that it will save some time to all of you who wish to join the dark side! πŸŒ‘
Congrats on the launch!
Do you plan to add a controller that we can implement right away?
@kishminish Another awesome question! We have been thinking about adding it as an option. One of the big limitations would be that it will have one or couple universal designs that may not fit well the design of each website. Nevertheless, it will be useful feature to make it even easier people to add dark mode to their websites.
Finally! Thanks for listening!
@sam_fry1 Hope it helps!