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Holistic language, editor, and infra for building backends

Backends are needlessly complicated. Dark is a holistic programming language, editor, and infrastructure for building backends without accidental complexity.
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Ellen Chisa
Cofounder/CEO, www.darklang.com
hi all! happy to answer any questions about using Dark. It's been really fun to build (and use it to build other things!) over the last couple years.
Hiten Shah
Crazy Egg, Product Habits & FYI
Dark helps you build software products so much faster by taking the headache out of building the backend. A unique product solving an important problem for any company that's building software today.
Elliot Nash
A little over a year ago I was building No Zero Days , and decided I'd have literally no backend at all. I wanted to build something fast and ship it to the appstores as quickly as possible to go through the process. After I launched it on product hunt, it was featured by apple and was getting thousands of downloads per day. Users wanted to be able to save their data across devices - but it wasn't something I had time to build in the ways I had in the past. I had heard what @ellenchisa was up to at Dark, and was lucky enough to join the beta. Dark now powers the backend for nzd.life - and I really can't express just how amazing it was to use. We added the functionality in just a weekend with a handful of LOC. Dark really is a game-changer. For any entrepreneur / dev who wants to move fast and ship things, they should try Darklang ASAP.
I've been impressed with Dark -- it has the potential to make it possible to build a complete scalable cloud application in an afternoon. They can reduce the complexity of applications -- which is interesting since it can potentially bring application development to the world of semi-technical workers who aren't sophisticated back-end programmers. I recommend you check it out and give feedback! [Disclosure - I'm an investor in the company, but my thoughts are my own.]
Chase Olivieri✈️ useAltitude.com 🌎
I’ve been using the Dark beta to power the backend of my SaaS app Altitude and absolutely love using it. As a developer there are lots of balls to juggle at the same time and I appreciate that Dark removes many of the headaches (servers, deployments, and scaling) associated with building and running a backend. Pros: - Speed: Endpoints built in Dark are immediately accessible on the internet (no waiting for deployment pipelines) - Traces: live data values can be seen in the Dark editor, which makes for easy debugging Cons: - I wish Dark was available earlier in my development career as it would have saved me much needed time and energy!