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Darby Smart is a rapidly-growing, passionate, video community that lets you watch and make snappy, how-to videos. Our mission is to allow people to turn their hobbies into side hustles. You can find thousands of snappy how-to videos that inspire new ideas in beauty, food and DIY and chat with others while watching them.



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Nathan Bashaw@nbashaw · Head of Product at Gimlet Media
Darby is such a good name
Erin GrimmMakerHiring@elgcreative · Design Director, Darby Smart
@nbashaw glad you think so!
Shahed Khan@_shahedk · Founder @ Loom. Prev @ Upfront VC
I've always been an active pinner on Pinterest for these DIY type tutorials, but this is the candy store version of DIY videos. I had some quick feedback on the UI of your website! https://www.opentest.co/share/fb... This is so cool :)
Doulos Jose@deejthtraveller · Growth | Strategy | Digital
@_shahedk liked ur product too. Very interesting way to give feedbacks.
Niv DrorHunterHiring@nivo0o0 · Words @ProductHunt & @AngelList
Darby is a video community of DIY makers. We've become accustomed to learning how to do things from YouTube... which is a 1-way broadcasting experience. Darby is live, where DIY makers can take questions, interact, and make things together with their audience. When I was at Meerkat the DIY streams where always fun to see, makers perfect sense for there to be a dedicated app for this (and a huge community around it already...) and the app is really quite gorgeous. The makers @nicolefarb & @elgcreative will be here to answer any questions, ask away 💫
Erin GrimmMakerHiring@elgcreative · Design Director, Darby Smart
Thanks @nivo0o0 looking forward to what product hunters have to say!
Erin GrimmMakerHiring@elgcreative · Design Director, Darby Smart
Hello! At Darby Smart we've learned that the maker community needs a space to chat with one another about what inspires them. Using creative videos as the impetus, we've built an app that enables makers of all levels to ask questions, share ideas, and encourage each other. We promise there's a video for everyone on Darby, with new ones added daily. We hope you enjoy!
João Paulo Bernardes da Silva@joao_paulo_bernardes_da_silva
Nice! But, why put that awful banner SAY HELLO TO that which prevents me from seeing the site , with no option to close!