The easiest way to manage multiple cryptocurrency assets

Dappy is open source light wallet powered by Blockstack. It uses Gaia decentralized storage and encryption option. Dappy doesn't store or proceed user private key, the all data are securely stored in the Gaia. Built-in exchange is supported by ShapeShift. Dappy was created by the BC Net that trust in crypto and decentralized applications.

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Hello Product Hunt! We created Dappy Wallet with decentralized storage. It's a cross between an online and hardware wallets, thanks to Blockstack. Dappy doesn't store or proceed user private key, the all data are securely stored in the storage. Built-in exchange is supported by ShapeShift. Great thanks to everyone who supports us! Let us know what you think about Dappy, we'll appreciate any comments! ;)
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@eugeniusives Very nice! have you ever considered integrating some kind of "insurance contract" for market participants that receive payments in crypto, that would "secure" the valuation of their funds by eliminating market volatility via derivatives contract as a hedge?
@lazarjovanovic1 Hello Lazar, First I've heard of it, actually. How does this help our users?
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@eugeniusives I could if they ever decide to pay one another via your service, since with a contract attached to the funds they could fight the volatility. You could essentially be the wallet to use for salaries for instance, since sometimes the market can plummet 10% in an hour...this way the payee and the receiver of the funds would neither suffer for it.
@lazarjovanovic1 Dappy is the wallet, but no finance service. It's useful and secure tool to control assets. All staff (like smart contracts, tokens, insurance and etc.) is not related to the wallet service. The users are not paying, but they perform the transactions on the blockchain. In case the insurance is supported by blockchain code it will be supported by the wallet. Otherwise it can be considered like an external service.
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