Automatically recalls the dapps you have used.

Don't lose track of the dapps you have used. Dappity automatically recalls them for you. Incorporating privacy by design, Dappity respects your digital rights and data ownership.
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Hi, I’m Juliet, maker of Dappity. Thanks to Aaron at Product Hunt for hunting us! I’m excited to introduce you to Dappity. Dappity automatically recalls the dapps that you have used and recommends new ones. My vision for Dappity is a product that is simple and easy to use that makes a big difference for the dapp user. What you see today is just the first step for us. I’m already using Dappity as a launchpad for the online tools that I use throughout the day. I’ve found some great dapps that are taking the place of the centralized tools that we all use. I believe in using apps that protect your digital rights, data ownership and privacy. You only need to take a look at the news each day to see how Google and Facebook are breaching what’s left of our privacy rights. It’s time to take back control. Try Dappity out and let us know what you think. I’m happy to answer your questions.
Hey Juliet ;) I just try Dappity! And it's very awesome! I am looking forward to seeing the future polished version of the product with all the features, e.g: favorites, popular, collections... I am super curious about how have made the implementation? From where have you fetched the data of my used dapps? Tell me details please 😸
@kevinnth Thank for taking a look and supporting! 😍 Dappity is under active development. 👩‍💻 We wanted to release it now to the community so we can take the feedback into account and make the app as useful as possible. The data about what apps you have used comes from the Blockstack api. It helps make the dapps more useful to the user. Thanks again for your support!
@kevinnth The Favorites feature is now live in the app. Dappity is progressing rapidly...
Hi Juliet. It's should be so useful application. Let's try.
@stadnikova_julia do try the app! Please tell me about your experience if you have a moment. Thank you for your support.
I don't see how this app can know which non-multi-user apps I am using... Features like favorites should probably be in the Blockstack Browser. I am sure they are happy to accept pull requests :-)
@friedger_muffke Thanks so much for the feedback! I appreciate you taking the time to look at Dappity. 😍 PS. OI Calendar is featured in our screenshot in the gallery. Great app. We hope Dappity can bring attention to all the awesome apps on Blockstack.
@juliet_oberding Thank you for featuring :-)
Thank you, Juliet. Great app!