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#4 Product of the DayDecember 10, 2019
The Dapp.com Dapp Store is a place that leads users to the decentralized world by removing all the barriers — it allows you to use any decentralized apps without having to install any tools or extensions in order to use dapps.
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Hey folks on PH 👋 Thanks @josephholguin for hunting us! Today we’re launching Dapp.com Dapp Store and we believe Dapp Store can solve the principal problem of user onboarding in the decentralized world — it can be overcome not simply by facilitating new users to obtain cryptocurrency of choice but by providing an incredible product that helps everyone to get rid of all those painful processes. 🤔 What is Dapp Store? It’s a place that allows you to use any dapps without having to install any tools, extensions, or own digital assets in order to use dapps. Think about Apple Store but for decentralized apps😎. And the best part? You can play and use dapps in the Dapp Store directly! 💪 What will Dapp Store bring to you and the decentralized world? 🍃Use and enjoy dapps will be easy peasy 📱Instant access dozen of high-quality dapps in one place 😌Extension & tool free; hassle-free We believe thousands of new peeps will be joining the dapp world by using Dapp Store! --- A little bit about Dapp.com: If you are familiar with dapp and dapp directory list, you might have heard of Dapp.com :) We’ve been working on Dapp.com for over a year and we know what’s the pain look like when it comes to using decentralized apps and we’ve all been there — to start using a dapp, you need to go through a bunch of “pains” — install or import wallets, register on the wallet, remember tons of information like mnemonics, private keys, and etc, and obtain native tokens for that specific blockchain, and not to mention, you will need to learn and experience that process all over again if you use a new dapp from different blockchain. Dapps certainly have offered a very poor user experience to date and Dapp Store is here to help! Right now we have 3 EOS-based dapps you can play directly in the Dapp Store. Along the way we will be adding more dapps! We hope you love it and a-dapp-it! And we can't wait for your feedback!! Thank you, -The Dapp.com Team
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I have been using dapp.com user more than a year and it has become my go-to place to find new dapps to try out (especially Korean entities like Klaytn and some others use A LOT). And now with dapp store, I can easily get my eos account in the dapp store and play eos dapps right the way!
@minsuk_kwak thanks so much, Minsuk! and glad to hear that it's your go-to place for dapps - it means a lot to us! Please play it around and let us know your feedback 🙏
I'm loving this new look of dapp.com
@louise_ivan Thank you so much, Louise Ivan! Which part / section you like the most?
Awesome idea! Any plans for the mobile version?
@juliawallace3 Good question, Julia! The Dapp Store works on your phone too, but in the long term, we will be making it more mobile friendly. So please stay tuned!
I have been using dapp.com for quite a long time and love their dapp quarterly report. I have been looking forward for its dapp store launch for a long time. It will make it much easier for customers to use dapp!
@appleberry 👋👋👋 It's always good to hear the feedback from our long-term supporter! Thank you so much, Wenyao, it means a ton to us! We will be adding more dapps to the Dapp Store, so please stay tuned!