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Dapp.com is a space where:

- Everyone can discover what decentralized tech is and how it can transform the world;

- Devs can gain the tools and knowledge to bring innovative tech ideas to market;

- Dapps can be showcased to and reviewed by users;

- Users can discover good and reliable dapps which will add value and ease to their lives.

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  • Enis ShkurtiFundition.io - Associate

    Team is so sweet and amazing, they simply make great giveaways for their community. And they are always helpful!


    I do not see any cons for the dapp.com

    Dapp.com is a great platform for the dapps to be listed, soon they will have their token to on the blockchain.

    Enis Shkurti has used this product for one month.


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Min Park@mynhpark · Blockchain Marketing (https://krown.io)
Nice domain name.
Jun GongHunter@jun_gong · 🐱 herder & blockchain @Dapp.com 😻
Jacqueline von TesmarHiring@jacqvon · Community at Product Hunt ⚡️
Hey @kylejqlu & @zhiw_jiang, Can you tell us more about what you've built here and where you see in going in the next 5 years.
Mad Mat@whiletrueeat · Rebel. Leader. Fighting underdog.
Quick thinking with buying this domain name, it can be a gold mine no matter what you do :)
Jun GongHunter@jun_gong · 🐱 herder & blockchain @Dapp.com 😻
@whiletrueeat Couldn't agree more:)
Lazar Jovanovic@lazarjovanovic1 · Community Manager at MARKET Protocol
@whiletrueeat @jun_gong Great combination of first-mover advantage on the domain and the wait until you see what the others will do in order to make it better :) I wish you good luck, app.co, dappradar and thestateofthedapps are all great websites, I hope you'll find a way to surpass them. I will make sure to list our dapp at your website as soon as possible!
Jun GongHunter@jun_gong · 🐱 herder & blockchain @Dapp.com 😻
@lazarjovanovic1 Thanks for your kind words. We are working on it. Have you checked our live ranking yet? We just launched over the weekend. Let us know what you think?
Lazar Jovanovic@lazarjovanovic1 · Community Manager at MARKET Protocol
@jun_gong Just seen it, it looks great :) I would just advise you to clarify what you mean by abbreviations like DAU and DTV (I suppose that would be "days of active usage" and "daily trading volume", correct?). I really like the reviews are more in-depth than like on some other dApp listing websites. All in all a very good job!
Jun GongHunter@jun_gong · 🐱 herder & blockchain @Dapp.com 😻
@lazarjovanovic1 Thanks! And good thinking! Actually those are on our agenda and we will be updating (adding a short description) very soon. If you have any other suggestions, please let us know. We really appreciate your feedback :)
Lidiia Demchenko@lidiia_demchenko
Great vision and a very hard-working team. I believe in their success!
Jun GongHunter@jun_gong · 🐱 herder & blockchain @Dapp.com 😻