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First of all, thank you to @gregoiregilbert for posting this to Product Hunt for us. @jaykeshpatel is involved with us and has done the majority of the technical work on the product. The product is a data visualization and business intelligence server. It was created out of our own needs within MapFig to get a better handle on the reporting. David and I originally met working at a multi-national company and we dealt a lot with reporting and business intelligence in our roles there. As MapFig was growing we wanted to have the ability to create similar reports and dashboard but many of the solutions are out of reach for startups so we started building internally. We eventually started opening up aspects of the product to our existing customer base across our properties and as it was well received we decided to move forward and create a product based on it. It would be of use to the Product Hunt community as it allows users to create dynamic dashboards and reports from both traditional SQL as well as drag-and-drop queries. In addition, based off of out map product we have also implemented that data can be displayed directly on maps. We will be around today on Product Hunt and happy to answer any questions and welcome everyone's feedback.
@robertwilliger and @davidghedini are very productive! When they told me they were releasing a new product already, I was pretty impressed. Robert, David, can you explain what's the product? Why did you build it? How can it be useful to the Product Hunt Audience?
@gregoiregilbert @robertwilliger Hi @gregoiregilbert - firstly, thank you for having us on PH today. I seem to have answered everything except your question :) - "Why did you build this?" Robert touched on the some of the background above. The central "pain" which DaphnaBI seeks to address is the competing trends in data volume vs the need to have users of any skill level create reports. Data complexity is trending in inverse proportion to user skill levels, with no sign of either trend abating. We meet this challenge by combining the best of DIY (drag-and-drop reporting) with full SQL editor capabilities and deep GIS integration. The end product is our Visual Intelligence server which all members of your team can use to the full extent of their abilities.
We put together some Demos you can access via the Resources menu on the home page.
The Enterprise Edition also has the option to add Spatial PDF (SQL PDFs) as well as Airwire, a data transformation service with SDKs for iOS, Anrdoid/Java, PHP, NodeJS, Windows, and Python. This allows users to pull in data from virtually any data source. It also allows them to schedule data transformations as well as extend and embed DaphnaBI. https://www.daphnabi.com/daphnab...