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Tim Huang
Tim HuangMaker@timhuang1106 · Co-Founder, DANZZUP
DANZZUP is a media platform for dance like Product Hunt for Dance (Video & Music). Our mission is to help people who love dancing and dancers discover amazing dance videos and music throughout our community, published everyday. Anybody can submit media to our platform via a YouTube or SoundCloud URL.
wenjimiHunter@jimiwen · co-founder, community
Very interesting place for the best new dances and music.
Tim Huang
Tim HuangMaker@timhuang1106 · Co-Founder, DANZZUP
@jimiwen Thank you so much! We believe that dancing can bring happiness to one another.
Warren Wang
Warren WangMaker@wywarren
Hi everyone. I'm one of the developers of this product and I hope you guys like it. It started out as a pet project between Tim and I and now we decided to release an early version of it to the public to see what you guys think. We hope you enjoy the experience of our site and understand the importance of what we are trying to build for the dance community. Thank you to all our supporters and we are always open to any input or suggestions you may have for our product. Keep dancing!