Dancemusic WTF-300

Quiz game for learning electronic dance music styles

DANCEMUSIC WTF-300 is a web based quiz game created for us to learn what the different electronic dance music styles sound like.

Hopefully it will help us get a better vocabulary next time we're trying to describe that great track we heard the other night!

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Yo, @jtzou, check this out πŸ’ƒπŸΌ
@rrhoover -- This is fantastic! We definitely would have featured this on Dancing Astronaut. Will ping the team to see if they'd be down. @mathemmings -- Gamifying + whitelabeling this as a customizable embed for music sites could be fun :)
Fun and educational for people like me who like Electronic music but don't know all the style differences. Nice job!
Neat idea @mathemmings Is Tropical House an option? 🌴
@abadesi 😊 Topical House is not currently in the game, closest genre you'll get is deep house.