Dance Workouts in Messenger

Train for 20 mins per day and be in great shape

Yord Fitness is a Messenger Bot that helps to get exciting dance workouts to lose weight and be in great shape.

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Hello, Producthunters. We are happy to launch a bot in Messenger (and site as well) that will help you keep in shape, spending only 20 minutes a day. Traditional ways to lose weight seem very boring and monotonous. We tried to make these 20 minutes as interesting and fun as possible, but at the same time very effective. We will be glad to any feedback about Yord Fitness. We are for a healthy lifestyle.
Hi! I took a look at your app, looks really interesting and I think the dance angle is very cool. I couldn't get very far without subscribing but wanted to know if its only modern dance or if you offer other kinds of dance videos?
@courtney_carlsson Hi :) Yord Fitness is all about Dance Workouts (you repeat movements, lose weight and get fun), but we also have an online dancing school ( with different dancing styles and one week free trial, so you can also try it πŸ˜‰ Thanks πŸ™
Good idea
Great way to leverage existing infrastructure to launch your product!