DAN is on a mission to make unused domains accessible to all

Dan.com uses emerging technology like blockchain to automate domain name processes, such as transferring a name to a new user, and to create new services, such as domain name rental and lease.
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I have been in the Blockchain Space for three years now and for something that previously had few usecases, it is heart warming to see more and more companies adopt the Blockchain. Nice one @rsardeha
Great Initiative ! Congratulation
People should really stop focusing on .com and the arbitrary value.
@lebaux In the end you have to look at the impact of your business. Internet users are used to expect the url of ​international and credible business to be hosted on a .com. When we'd use DAN.io for example, we'd lose a lot of business by losing traffic to DAN.COM.
Funny enough, I ran into a domain registered by DAN that we might purchase for a project. cc @rsardeha
@rrhoover DAN doesn't own any domains but cool stuff! Let me know if I can help :)
@rsardeha to clarify, it's owned by someone else but they're using DAN for their landing page/to sell the domain. :)