Android touchscreen for any projector (Indiegogo)

Hey all! Thanks for the support! We're a small team from Taipei, Taiwan, so we're excited to be able to connect with the international PH community. If you have any questions, just holler!
@taispy can't wait to try this out, looks fun! As there's an almost unlimited amount of use cases and industries that could use something like this, do you have a specific use case in mind that you focus on first? Any industry you're going after first?
@pieterpaul Thanks for submitting, Pieter! Our two main use cases that we focus on are for office and small classroom use (especially for younger kids, given the countless apps out there for education). What we're really excited about is seeing the ideas that other people come up with -- we've had lots of user suggestions for design, sports, and the arts, which has been great feedback! Provided we're successful, we hope to start building more DAMO-focused apps, and hopefully attract developers to build apps for their own needs. Really curious to hear how PHers will use it!