Daisy Disk 4.0

Analyze disk usage and free up disk space on your Mac

#4 Product of the DaySeptember 10, 2015
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Love love love this app. It's saved me so much hard drive space over the years!
We created the first DaisyDisk with Taras Brizitsky back in 2009, even though the market at the time was chock-full of competition, most of them being free apps. But we thought they all sucked in many ways and decided to build our own the right way. Also because Taras is a storage junkie and his desktop is always stacked with external drives, which all required space management :) Being a UX designer, Taras kept exercising his fine skills on DaisyDisk's UI, gradually refining it to an unbelievable level – something no one else is doing for a mundane thing like disk utility. Nowadays, DaisyDisk is the best-selling disk space analyzer in the Mac App Store. Apple called DaisyDisk the best utility app of the Mac App Store twice in 2013 and in 2011, and featured it in their various editorial collections. There have been about 400 reviews in all Mac media, including the biggest ones. DaisyDisk is a popular OS X utility that lets you visualize your disk space distribution on the original "sunburst" map, and browse that map to find out what's taking up most space. In just few minutes you can free up hundreds of GBs of space by deleting unwanted files with simple drag and drop. DaisyDisk 4 is a new version which sports brand new look (matching the new OS X style) and about 20x (sic!) faster scanning (most notable on SSD & 4-core CPU). The upgrade is free for existing users.
@okrupnov Thank you for the app! I can verify that this app works really well. I have CleanMyMac, which is awesome, but it failed to identify 60Gb of junk that I had. DaisyDisk did.
I just used Daisy Disk to free up 200 gb from my hard drive. Much of it was junky old videos that I didn't even realize were buried somewhere on my hard drive.
@andrewwarner A perfect case to illustrate why DaisyDisk is efficient: 1) some people argue they know all files on their disk, but in reality, it's far from always the case, even with pedantic and tech-savvy users. And 2) unlike the "automatic cleaners" the freed up space with DaisyDisk can be enormous, because human is unbeatable in making correct decisions on what to delete, choosing from the biggest space hogs, not just from a predefined list. For example, a video you no longer need cannot be identified by any automation.
awesome app! With the version 4.0 of DaisyDisk, you can reaaaaally feel the speed upgrade. I find this very convenient when you're looking to free up some space (especially if you're on a MacBook Air 128GB like me). Must-have for all Mac users. Congratz on the release, guys! P.S. @rrhoover – you're a Mac user, right? Try this.
If anyone is looking for a similar, free alternative, check out Disk Inventory X: http://www.derlien.com/
@jtzou Good old Disk Inventory X. Based on rectangular "treemaps" instead of the sunburst. Unfortunately it's an abandonware now. Last updated in 2006 and sometimes is said to crash on modern OS X versions. Not to mention that DaisyDisk 4 is now up to 20x faster than DIX :)
@jtzou Love Disk Inventory X. Remember to get the Universal Binary version. http://www.derlien.com/download....