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#3 Product of the DayAugust 01, 2015
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DailyVC and www.pmarcadaily.com born from the idea that information on Twitter flows too fast and is really hard to follow all the links shared by the smartest people in the world. @pmarca, for example, is tweeting between 50 and 200 times a day and is f** hard to follow him, so I thought it would be useful for his followers to see all his links in one place.
Cool idea Josue, it'll save us tons of time and it may apply to a bunch of verticals actually. What about tech reporters?
@angiecois Sounds interesting, just i have some doubts about what reporters are sharing, maybe they just share their own news or links.
I think that this product is a very valuable feedback to Twitter. This should be something that THEY solve. Not necessarily directly related to this great product: As twitter is trying to achieve growth on the general public now, they should be working on ways for everyone (including the moms & paps) to consume the wealth of tweets on topics they care about, which is now going to fast for them to follow.
@dglbr super interesting! 100% agree!.
This is great, and I completely agree, Twitter flows to fast and their list function doesn't cut it in my opinion.
Well done. Sounds like a good idea! We need to get them to use a single hashtag #vcthoughts