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Hey guys, I'm happy to see our newest app listed. I'm here to help, so let me know if you have any questions. DailySales is sold via paddle.com. Feel free to to claim one of the licenses to unlock the trial version: 627D1EB4-15FB10E4-FB22B278-43A74544-BD27C7A3 75FD63FC-22952CEC-3CCCA80F-595B2137-41160F33 I'm gonna provide additional ones later today.
Some additional licenses you can use to unlock the app for free: 2C65ACAC-F0793DDA-C1427FF1-E02D0CB9-DF191526 C0505DFB-9B2606E0-C1885EA4-0BFB5CE3-7CE597A6 137566FB-A8041045-3ACBC6D7-03F0ACA1-63B3EEFD Be nice & comment which one you've claimed! :) ✌️
@raffael_me Thank you for the license codes! Very kind. I have just claimed C0505DFB-9B2606E0-C1885EA4-0BFB5CE3-7CE597A6.
@raffael_me Thank you! I claimed 137566FB-A8041045-3ACBC6D7-03F0ACA1-63B3EEFD.
@raffael_me H Lovely app! It's getting mighty crowded in the Mac Menu bar, so it's cool you turned this into a Notification Center app. Will it be possible to see all totals in a future update? Thanks for the free license by the way. Highly appreciated.
@t55 Happy you're liking it! We're planning to add additional figures, such as total proceeds and total number of downloads, and absolute proceeds of previous day. And we're also considering adding additional labels to separate iOS from Mac apps.
@raffael_me Nice!! Generally not a fan of Java on the Mac, deleted it years ago, but DailySales made it worthwhile to install it again. Hope Apple comes up with a non-java tool to automate the downloads of the daily reports.
@t55 Let's hope enough developers will dup the rdar:// :) http://www.dailysalesapp.com/hel... <–– last paragraph.
@raffael_me @t55 SalesX: the simplest way to reach your iTC sales reports,don't need to install java. http://salesx.in
Yet another tool like this… Seeing MyPhotostream in the example and seeing how it’s sold through Paddle, I hoped for something more generally usable. Alas, no, this too is iTC only as far as I can tell. I’d pay dearly for a good dashboard-ish tool with support for iTC, Paddle and FastSpring :-(
@vslavik We're thinking about adding additional distribution platforms, but have no definite plans yet.
Just bought this, but the set up is an incredibly long process. I'll probably give it a shot again tonight, but I wish i knew what i was getting into before buying.
@tarongh It takes a few parameters, which are required, and you need to have installed the JDK, but "that's all" :). We're looking for ways to further improve it. If you need my help setting it up, ping me at @raffael_me.