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Adam Dill
@adamdill · Co-Founder DailyDrip.com
Howdy Hunters! Josh and I founded DailyDrip to help you be a better developer. We believe that software is the biggest force multiplier available. By helping developers be more effective we can help them create a better world. Every day DailyDrip users receive a short video on an awesome emerging tool, technique, or framework from the world of software dev… See more
Max Holzheu
@maxholzheu · Cofounder and CTO at Beek
This is one of the best investments you can make. I absolutely love this concept and the execution. Cheers!
Rahul Kapoor
@iamrahulkapoor · Developer by heart but gentle by mind.
This is one of the things I never knew i needed.
I actually donated to their Firestorm KS, Im glad I did. It is a very really nice concept, and is being executed well, I also love their -distillery- section when users can propose and vote for new contents to learn about, it shows they want feedback and are willing to act on it!
Jean-Philippe Boily
@jipiboily · Founder @ Metrics Watch
I love the concept and execution. I like the fact that we have our words on what's next via The Distillery. Good job guys!