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Howdy Hunters! Josh and I founded DailyDrip to help you be a better developer. We believe that software is the biggest force multiplier available. By helping developers be more effective we can help them create a better world. Every day DailyDrip users receive a short video on an awesome emerging tool, technique, or framework from the world of software development. Along with the video, we make the full script and source code available to our subscribers. Each day’s video is free for 24 hours, and subscribers get access to our full back catalog, plus topic-specific content on subjects like Elm, Elixir, React Native, R, Swift 3 and more. We target experienced developers -- at DailyDrip you’ll never get basics like the difference between a variable and a constant explained to you yet again. That being said if you’ve completed a bootcamp or spent a few months programming we think you’ll do just fine! We pick our topics via The Distillery, a place on DailyDrip where our subscribers can suggest and vote on the topics they want. We’d love to hear your thoughts!
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@adamdill any chance DailyDrip will introduce different subscription plans, I'd subscribe today if there was a monthly plan (I could not find one when I looked today).
This is one of the best investments you can make. I absolutely love this concept and the execution. Cheers!
Thanks @maxholzheu, its great hearing that! We put a lot of work into the content and platform, glad to know its helping!
This is one of the things I never knew i needed.
Thats why we started it, @iamrahulkapoor :) We wanted to learn a little bit every day, without having to go out and look for good sources. I enjoy digging through hacker news, product hunt, reddit etc for new stuff, but I often found by the time I found something that I wanted to learn, I was out of time and needed to get back to work. Thats a problem we want to solve for developers.
I actually donated to their Firestorm KS, Im glad I did. It is a very really nice concept, and is being executed well, I also love their -distillery- section when users can propose and vote for new contents to learn about, it shows they want feedback and are willing to act on it!
@schpn thanks for the support on our Kickstarter (https://github.com/dailydrip/fir... if anyone is interested in the output). I love working on Firestorm, and its cool that DailyDrip lets me do good open source work, then teach people about how/why. I think Firestorm has a really long life ahead of it! We just pushed some updates to the distillery today, so you'll start getting email updates when we publish content that you voted on, etc.
I love the concept and execution. I like the fact that we have our words on what's next via The Distillery. Good job guys!
@jipiboily thanks! we are pushing hard on finding the right people to work with on some of the distillery topics, should have a lot of that content coming in the next month or so!