DailyBot for Students

Helping students achieve goals with reminders and automation

DailyBot + GitHub Education are launching this product to allow Students all around the world make the first steps into highly effective collaboration by following best practices that are already used by thousands of professionals worldwide.
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Wow! I think this is something much needed and could be very useful for High School and University students, another super cool thing could be - add a mental health bot, to check up on students from time to time?(just a thought haha). Anyways, great stuff! Congrats on the launch!
@anan_batra thanks for your feedback! we do have plans to add features around mental health/motivation :-)
I think many challenges most students a faced with is staying organized and following through set objectives and goals till the end. I believe this project will help reduce all that. Surely gonna follow this one and be an ambassador.
@yahaya_nurudeen thanks! it'll be great to have you as an ambassador and receive your feedback!
@maomorales let get started then. Email is nurudeb2010@gmail.com. Hope to hear from you soon
Hey! 👋 Are you a student or know anyone who's a student? First, we have great news to share! Second, we want your help to reach as many students around the world as possible! At DailyBot, one of our purposes is to give back and we're always looking for ways to contribute to the world. We love what GitHub Education is doing and that's why we partnered with GitHub Student Developer Pack to launch a product of high value and that is TOTALLY FREE for Students. We believe Communication is the cornerstone to finish any project successfully, this happens in school, work, and life. DailyBot can help a student in many ways. Think of DailyBot as an assistant that you can setup to help you follow-up on any initiatives that you’re working on with your school mates. An initiative can be a game that you’re training and preparing for. A hard exam that you must study for. A homework project that you should work on with 5 friends. A personal goal that you want to achieve. 🎯Let DailyBot push you to achieve your goals Very simply, DailyBot will help you and your team stay organized and the bot pushes towards your goals. 👯Check your teammates daily progress DailyBot will follow-up with you and any member of your team. DailyBot can follow-up on any school project or activity. 📝Get reports from your school or work progress Once DailyBot gets follow-up reports, it will share that information in your chat or email. 🐱‍💻Power up your hackathons! Whether you're working on your project for a weekend or for a few long weeks, just let DailyBot join your team, you'll notice he's a pro on managing stand-up meetings and keeping the team well informed. 🤩Make sure you keep that motivation up! DailyBot checks what's going on with your peers and gets reports about their motivation, week after week. We want to make a great impact in the world and help students out there to adopt the best practices that are followed by professional teams around the world. Please spread the word! We want to reach as many students as possible. -- * DailyBot for Students requires a GitHub Student Developer Pack *
What a cool application for students, I think every student would like it. You can also use https://www.aresearchguide.com/r... for studying if you need help in writing any paper. It is very cool that you develop such convenient applications for students.