Dailybot for Slack

Product management bot for daily stand-up meetings on Slack

Hey! I'm your new team assistant.

I'm here to help you and your team do daily async follow-ups.

I connect to your Slack, talk to your team and will give you a sweet dashboard with reports, metrics, and search.

*Totally free! no monthly fees, no subscriptions, no surprises!*

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12 Reviews5.0/5

DailyBot is an App that integrates with Slack, enabling teams members to send daily reports about what you are currently working on, what did you do on the previous work day and whether you are facing any blockers. DailyBot eliminates the distractions and loss of productivity that are an inherent aspect of synchronous daily stand-ups by facilitating team members to report on their progress at their own convenience.

This feature alone, makes DailyBot an extremely valuable tool for remote teams, where different time zones turns daily stand-up meetings into an inconvenience for some, depending on the time of the day.

But DailyBot is not only about stand-up meetings or focused on geographically distributed teams, DailyBot is a toolkit of productivity enhacements that improves teams from the inside out, fostering communication and broadening the visibility of your companies processes.


Frictionless stand-up meetings for remote teams directly on Slack


That they don't want to take my money and are offering it for free!

Thanks for this review! DailyBot is indeed great for remote teams as it deals with timezones carefully. And the dashboard is very helpful as it lets you access historical data and filter dailies by questions or members, we find it useful as well for our retrospectives.
Hi! we're glad about sharing our product with you. Dailybot for Slack is a really good utility and free for use for all the Slack teams around the world. We've got a very interesting roadmap ahead and we really appreciate your feedback and suggestions for our product. Dailybot is just the foundation stone for a platform that we're building around productivity and product management. Thanks for your support hunters!!
@maomorales how is it different from standuply.com?
Hi @artem_borodin, Dailybot is free to use for all team sizes, and it offers timezones support and web access/history for free as well. Some of those features are premium in other services. Also, Dailybot right now can talk in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Not all these languages are supported by others. We think our dashboard and way to access the reports works very nice and it's unique + different from competitors. Dailybot also shows a team motivation chart if you enable that feature: One day per week, it asks team members about their motivation (from 1 to 5) and managers and team can see this chart in the dashboard. Hope this answers your question! thanks for checking it out!
@maomorales and how are going to monetize the product in future?
@artem_borodin we're preparing new addons/tools that are going to be part of Dailybot; we're transforming Dailybot into a platform with a bit bigger scope in terms of product management. New addons/tools will be premium (SaaS), yet we plan to keep these daily follow-ups as a free product.

Good product, I like how it integrates seamlessly with Slack. The summary and how it's displayed inside a channel is what I like the most. Started using it at my team in order to complement our daily standup, and as an attempt to have them sooner in the morning.


Keeping track of what your team has been working on, or having problems with is priceless. Impossible to have this otherwise.


Still doesn't fully replace daily standups, or at least a get-together to catch-up.

Thanks for your review! we're glad to hear that Dailybot product is being useful for your team!

I've been using it for a while and I can say it's a really great product (and bot)!


We can use it in Spanish and from different timezones, and it works very well! We love the dashboard and can use it from our mobile phone :)


You depend on having a Slack team to use it, I would like to be able to use it in other teams that are not using Slack.

Thanks for your review Sergio. We're sure you're gonna love what we're preparing and will introduce to the product soon!
I've started four weeks ago, I work we two teamsi in different timezones, after checking this bot is really awesome. Congrats to all the team you're creating great things...