DailyBot for Hangouts

Daily stand-up meetings chatbot for Hangouts

DailyBot organizes standup meetings, tracks your team motivation, and provides you with a work history dashboard saving you and your team valuable time. Hire DailyBot for free by adding him to your Hangouts Chat or Slack.
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Hey there makers, We're happy to announce DailyBot is now also available for Hangouts Chat allowing more teams to benefit from it. We’re also considering which should be the next platform or communication channel to support, so we’re happy to hear which platform your team uses in case it’s not Slack or Hangouts. I’ll be more than happy to solve any doubts and thanks in advance for your support. Juan from DailyBot
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@pepelondono Was a little confused by the name that this was only for Hangouts, but glad to see you're showing some love for us Slack people as well!
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@adam_riggs_zeigen Indeed Adam! Actually we first created DailyBot for us at Rocka where we use Slack. Then we saw it could have value for others and opened it for other teams in Slack to use it, and now we are also supporting Hangouts and looking for the next platform to support :) Hope you enjoy it and looking forward to see how it goes!