Daily Yoga

50+ yoga classes, 400+ workout poses, w/ HD video and music

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Happy International Day of Yoga! Celebrate with Let's Get Relaxed, a collection of apps for yoga, meditation, and mindfulness.
@nikkielizdemere love it! Nothing like a little yoga to set your mind right.
@nikkielizdemere just installed the app and looks really good. I will start doing some yoga now. Thanks for the app.
@nikkielizdemere Would love to know.... can I Chromecast the videos to my TV?
@nateritter @nikkielizdemere Yep, just confirmed it does
Awesome hunt. If you're getting into more advanced levels I'd recommend searching for 'Yoga with Tim Senesi' on YouTube. The man is amazing.
This is great...I need to get more flexible!
Was just thinking the other day that I wanted to restart doing regular yoga for flexibility, so this was a timely hunt. App is free, but does require a login and then immediately prompts for Pro subscription upgrade. I'm happy to pay for value-add services, but let me take the car for a test drive before asking for my wallet. Free programs (I selected a Flexibility one) require additional downloads labeled as plugins, which I found odd.
nicely made and easy-to-use! From a yoga fan