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#4 Product of the DayAugust 19, 2018

Daily UX Challenge is an online forum where a new UX challenge is posted everyday.

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Cool find. I had a good read through of the resources there but it is a quick one for sure. It would be nice if the sources were more than just other blog posts, or at least let me trace the sources all the way back to some scientific source somehow.
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Amazing idea!!! But, bad Ui of the site, mess mess mess
@igor_fridland I agree, but the forum is based on the popular forum software discourse.org and it functions well.
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@vickyteke did not mean to insult, only I think it's too bad the idea is not doing well, you could do it in style Daily UI or some thing like that, but thanks a lot :-)
@igor_fridland sorry if my reply gave you such feeling, but I welcome your suggestions.
This product looks like a great idea, but either executed poorly, or just not ready for a PH launch and got hunted prematurely. @vickyteke are you the maker?
@ryandimascio Thanks Ryan, maybe I should have posted it to PH after it had some traction.
Looks awesome! Keep it up!