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I like the idea but the page's design doesn't do a good job convincing me they can teach design.
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@jtown_ thanks for the feedback. The goal isn't for us to teach you how to design, but to encourage you to practice and get feedback from others in the Daily UI community — with the end goal of becoming a better designer.
@jtown_ seriously. I have that stark shade of blue since the windows 98 crash screen.
@arasheedphoto @jtown_ It's come back in fashion
Hey Product Hunters! Would love your feedback on this project. Thanks for checking it out.
Nice, seems like a cool idea! Would love to take part *begs for Dribbble invites*
Nice. Just signed up. Lets see what my #100daysofdesign looks like :)
@chakkaradeep thanks! looking forward to following along
Let's see how it works. I will make feedback asap.