Daily Timer

The simplest and most beautifully designed timer app yet

The simplest and most beautifully designed timer app yet. Daily incorporates a rich set of iOS gestures to add, edit and remove timers. You can use a preset timer or create your own personalized timer. It has the best selection of background images available for free, gifted by the world's most generous community of photographers

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Founder of Division 77
"The simplest and most beautifully designed timer app yet" - says the maker.
Founder & CEO, Hustle Crew
Thanks for hunting this beautiful app @hero, how did you come up with the aesthetic and design for it?
Hey @abadesi thanks! I just wanted to make a timer that was beautiful and wasn't so static. I also wanted to add the images so people would have quick context of the timer by just looking at the image they have selected.
looks interesting, but is buggy
just figured out how to add photos. Now I like it
@donald_partlan :) glad you got it to work :)
Seb Jachec
iOS developer, gamer, Apple enthusiast
Beautiful app, although it doesn't seem to support multiple timers. (?) Stumbled upon the ability to reset a timer by double tapping. Love the high quality selection of photos generated after you enter a name for a timer, where are they sourced from?
@iamsebj We are working to support multiple timers. The images are from Unsplash.com