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Really like what Dylan and Nick are doing here. Very cool idea.
I've been using this for a while now and enjoy the experience of writing regularly. I like that Daily Page provides an intuitive interface and thought provoking questions. The process of responding to these prompts has refined my writing ability, but also required me to think critically before responding. I'm excited to see the Daily Page community grow, especially as more writers contribute their responses publicly.
@daniel_bogart thanks for the kind words :)
We built Daily Page to help people develop a daily writing habit. Even for non-writers, writing every day is a great way to engage the creative side of your brain. Every day, we email our users a prompt, and our users come to Daily Page to respond to the prompt. Each user can either keep their response private, or make their response public. This started as another "email first" startup that @rrhoover talks about. It started with @nickbastone sending out an email with a writing prompt every morning. As that email list grew we turned it into a product.
Nice job with this! It looks fantastic. The one thing I dislike, even though you guys obviously put a lot of time into it, is the actual writing experience. The kerning is off, and it just doesn’t feel awesome. @natekontny nailed this with Draft (http://draftin.com).
@lachlanjc Thanks! I love Draft and @natekontny. We're still working on perfecting the editor. You're right about the kerning in the editor, we just pushed up a fix for that now that is an improvement. If you get a chance let me know if you think it's better.
I remember OhLife which did the same thing except via email. They were targeted on journaling versus daily writing in general but I think the motivation was similar. Ultimately OhLife shut down. I think many of us aspire to write daily but the hardest thing is getting motivated. The question I would have here is whether or not a daily habit app is more sufficient at accomplishing this or if a specific tool like Daily Page is. To be fair, I use Fitocracy for tracking fitness, MyFitnessPal for tracking my nutrition, and Coach.me for tracking my habits in general. There's definitely some space ... key is how to make it incredibly useful. The other key is making the editor more habit forming than traditional document editors. Anyways, definitely interesting to see!
@allnick I was also an OhLife user. I used it for a bit as a journal and then (like most people) ultimately stopped using it. Writing every day is definitely a challenging undertaking. Right now we have a number of users who come write every day or almost every day, and they use Daily Page as kind of a push, or a nudge to kick start their writing, and they also maintain blogs or have a different space they write in. We have other users that love getting the prompt emails every day, even though they don't come back and write. They say the prompt kicks off a train of thought in their head and they like that, even though they don't come write about it. We think there is value there too, but ultimately we want to help people write. We're also big fans of products like Coach.me and Commit (@nathanbarry). We see this as a supplement. I use Commit to track how often I meditate and how often I write, but I use Headspace to actually meditate and I use Daily Page to actually write. I think you're right on point with making the editor (and other parts of the product) more habit forming. One way I think we can do this is to offer encouragement along the way ("You wrote 5 days in a row", etc.), and another way is to have the user set explicit goals (days in a row, word count), and notify them about reaching those goals.