Daily Insight

Display daily revenue metrics in Intercom style popup widget

Daily Insight a tool letting you display the company's daily revenue metrics, visitors flow in filterable, online charts and in one popup widget.
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This reminds a product called @baremetrics. It is very similar business to you doing here. Do you know them and are you competitors?
@amirul Yes I know this product. As I understand their focus is based on internal usage. Daily Insight is about external usage- you add a web widget on your website and update all your users
@amirul @dainiskanopa Nope, that's what @baremetrics also did from the beginning. For example at: https://convertkit.baremetrics.com/
@amirul @baremetrics @pacovermeulen You are right. I didn't find perfect words to compare. It is very okay if we compare our Home page promo texts vs Baremetrics. Daily Insight: Display company revenue, visitors flow in filterable, online charts. ALL on your website. ALL in one popup widget. Baremetrics: Metrics, forecasting and engagement tools for teams using Stripe, Braintree, Recurly and App Store Connect.
Where is Daily Insight open startup page ?
@marcantoinefon I didn't understand you, but I guess you were looking for "open startup" idea or concept how it is implemented in particular page? So go to the Homepage and click on a web widget icon! You will find the concept over there.
Forgive my ignorance, but why would I want my customers to see this information?
@itsjamesmurray_ This is great question and most asked. Why - I guess the answer is it depends what type of website you run. If it is a simple e-commerce store- probably you don't need. But to be honest, it interesting data. Everyone wants to know that. People are returning back. Daily Insight gonna be a trust icon
I had a “problem” which I couldn’t solve for a decade. It was impossible to update my application for YC and 500 startups with latest revenue, visitor metrics or growth rate. Also I was inspired from @levelsio @johnonolan These guys are founders of "open startup(-s) movement.
This looks very interesting concept. I want to clarify which services incl in free basic plan?
@kaladabagum Currently you have these option- You can connect your Stripe acc., GA account, (soon PayPal). Your company profile data will be displayed in charts and online widget.