Daily Fire is a Slack application for every music lover.

You can save and organise every song shared to Slack, sync to Spotify, Soundcloud, Youtube & more.

It's like others bots in a Slack channel : invite Daily Fire into any channel, private group or direct message and it will save a history of every song shared.

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6 Reviews5.0/5
Founder & CEO, Hustle Crew
Neat idea - will use it to remember all the songs @ayrton send me on Slack πŸ˜„
Daily FireDaily Fire
Ohh hey! Thanks for hunting us @arnaud_mana! Super glad you like it 😊 If anyone has any questions or issues please let me know! We are still in 'beta' so still trying to iron out any bugs and UX issues πŸ™‚
Mike GarrettFounding Partner, Copper Note

We installed this a couple weeks ago on the Rdio Lovers Slack (https://rdioloversslackin.heroku...) in the Found New Music This Week channel (https://app.daily-fire.com/group...). It tracks individual contributions and provides playlists in Youtube and Spotify which makes it much more accessible to those outside the Spotify community.


Does a damn good job without everyone needing their own account.


Only supports single tracks right now, but that's easy to get used to.

Iseghohi John JUX Designer, Booking.com
This is an amazing product - well done.
Tom CutshallChief Marketing Officer
A very cool product. Great job and thank you for sharing!
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