Daily Drudge

A daily calendar for your busy schedule. And an asshole

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Hey Product Hunt, wasn't expecting this when I woke up this morning! Thanks for the hunt, @torbahax! We built Daily Drudge as a side project to get our minds off of the... well... daily drudge of developing our actual products (we build stuff for the pro photography world). It was a fun little side project, thrown together in a couple of weeks. Initially, we had planned to keep our identities anonymous because DD is such a dick and we have respectable businesses to run and whatnot (not to mention the developers are a youth group leader and an ordained minister... so there's that). We've joked that we'll be able to avoid counseling by getting all of this off our chests. We're looking forward to refining the UI a bit, adding a ton more snark and really honing in on DD's personality as we move forward from here. H/T to Authentic Weather and Cards Against Humanity, who were the hilariously inappropriate inspiration for this. Daily Drudge is basically their illegitimate child.
Gotta love this, but you have to have a good sense of humor of course. Kudos to the team for making such a fun app!
@scottwyden Thanks, man. And yeah, definitely not for the faint of heart. Or, you know, decent human beings. =)
Every now and again someone writes awesome copy that really makes their product stand out. This is one that immediately caught my attention because of it's harshness. Makes me want to create a product so I can write really harsh copy like this... awesome work : )
@craigjbarber it was definitely a lot of fun to write. Night and day difference from the "real" products we create and support every day, but it fits the character for this product, so I ran with it. Not gonna lie, it's refreshing to write really straightforward, no holds barred copy.
These guys are rockstars, such a creative twist and sense of humanity built on top of a beautiful app. Well worth checking out.
@torbahax you're too kind, thank you!
So, love the idea because who doesn't like a little snark with their agenda, but after purchasing the app, it crashes every time instead of opens. Not cool for a paid app. Any idea what's going on?
@katsmithtweets whoa, crazy. @rcrafton - any ideas here?