Daily Coin Price

An easy way to track the profitability of cryptocurrencies

Daily Coin Price is introducing an easy way to track and share the profitability of cryptocurrencies. Go and check cryptocurrency price & yield in real time or for a specific date, rates of return, related news and various share instruments on dailycoinprice.com

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Pros: • Large selection of coins to view. Cons: • Terrible UI. • Difficult scanability. Possibly increase the tile size or don't make the page full screen. On a large monitor there is simply too much to take in. • No way to customize the data based on what is important to me (only what the devs chose which isn't helpful)
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@bnchndlr Thank you for your comment. We are still moving forward and a bunch of new features will be implemented in the nearest future. 1️⃣Would you like to have custom scalability options? 2️⃣What is the perfect data set on the tile for you?
Is there a way to configure the tile? For example, I would like to see the coin price large, not the gain/loss. Secondary, would be the gain/loss.
@stephenchip Thank you for your comment. We just opened this function to the public. Please check it out - the green "reorder" button in control panel at the top!
So how do I see price development on a nice curve?
@grexe Thank you for your comment. To see price development click on the selected tile and enable "chart" property.
I can't find this product via google fyi
@alvinmilton could you provide your search query?
@tittodigirolomo I guess the good news is that product hunt ranks pretty high, so i can get it through that.
This is no longer functioning. Doesn't work at all. What gives?