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Everyone has a hectic schedule, we all do. Daily Bits Of break up courses into small bite sized parts, and deliver them piece by piece to your inbox. Read them with your morning coffee, or on the train to work—whenever it fits you best. And yeah, it’s free! Co-founder is @laninge
Love daily bits! @Laninge can't you tell us a bit more how you came about to start it?!
@olamoller Started with one of my readers asking me to give her one psychology insight a day. I love email so figured Id delivered them straight to her inbox :)
@laninge @olamoller As a blogger, I see real potential for user acquisition with this. What's your retention like? Do people stick with courses, and stay engaged? Have your course-creators found this to be a good tool for acquiring readers/followers?
@msitver great to hear micheal! Just over 50 % of our users has taken at least two courses this year. Our over all drop out rate is around 85% and yes, blogger do find it a great tool for aquiring readers :)
Thanks for all the upvotes! If you have any questions, please leave a comment and I'll answer ASAP.
@laninge Nice idea & execution :) I wonder if you could add a feature for communication between the course maker (teacher) and students: - reply to the mail & it'll be forwarded to the teacher/student : this way, you don't unveil anybody's email & everyone is happy :)
The Daily Bits Of-format is perfect for a lot of different things. For example, I tried the course "Vegan for 30 days" (http://www.dailybitsof.com/cours...) and finally managed to switch to vegetarian food, something I've wanted to do for a long time. The concept is: one recipe per day (+ some comments), nothing more, nothing less. Plus that the course was made by a well-know person I trust.
@javve Thanks a million Javve! Great to hear!