The Daily Art Market Intake is a free newsletter that condenses what is going on in the art world in a novice-friendly 2min read. Guaranteed 100% snobbish jargon and fake news free.

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  • Pros: 

    Short and to the point covering the most important things, love it!


    Not really so far ...

    I look forward to reading it every morning

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  • Chiara Avino
    Chiara AvinoConsultant, Deloitte

    lenght (less than 2 mins read!), the topics, the tone, the jokes at the end


    I do not see an option to subscribe only weekly or monthly but as far as I like the topics, it is not a big issue

    I love that I get an art curated newsletter which is not aimed at selling items.

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Antimo Farid Mire
Antimo Farid Mire@antimo · CEO @ AREEA
Cool stuff, easy way to get into art. Actually looking forward to these daily.
Victoria Allakhverdyan
Victoria Allakhverdyan@victoria_allakhverdyan
What range of topics are you guys covering?
Francesco Bellanca
Francesco BellancaMaker@francesco_bellanca · CEO, Feral Horses
@victoria_allakhverdyan Hi Victoria 👋 We don’t want to constraint ourselves by setting specific topics to write about. If the news is valuable and art related, we’ll write about it 🙂 But, just to give you an idea, here is a non-exhaustive list of things that we’ll definitely touch on: ArTech... auction results, online market growth, artists resale rights, emerging artist performances, gender representation, fakes and forgeries, art dealership, art investment, ...
Francesco Bellanca
Francesco BellancaMaker@francesco_bellanca · CEO, Feral Horses
Hello Product Hunt 👋 About a year ago, we have launched Feral Horses 🐎; an affordable and accessible live-trading platform for contemporary art that really benefits artists. After receiving the gazillionth email from a user asking us questions about art, artists, market trends and performances, we have decided that it was about time to democratise the access to art education. Too many people are convinced that art is not for them which is as crazy as thinking that food is not your thing 🙈 This daily art newsletter aims at closing a bit the gap between people and art. We want to turn your “I don’t get it this s**t” into “Oh I see! It makes sense” and give you the tools to develop solid opinions on why you like or don’t like something. Everyone should feel confident to talk about art and enter a gallery so: 📚We carefully select interesting art news from relevant and trusted sources 📬We send you one news every weekday that you can read in less than 2min 🔍We tell you what’s going on with normal words, no snobbish jargon 🔬We put things in context and explain what it means and why it’s important 🔫We also tell you a very poor quality arty dad joke because... why not
Jamie March
Jamie March@jamieeeeeeeeeee
Hey guys! This looks pretty cool but where do you guys get your information and how do you check if its reliable?
Francesco Bellanca
Francesco BellancaMaker@francesco_bellanca · CEO, Feral Horses
@jamieeeeeeeeeee Hi Jamie 👋 We source our news from kickass art magazines such as The Art Newspaper, Artnews, Frieze Magazine, Artnet, and many more. Of course, we always reference everything and add direct links to the sources used, so you can always go and check it out 🙂