Zen and the art of personal productivity

Daily is a simple way to plan the personal things you want to do every day, today, and someday soon.

How it's different from the 500 other to-do list apps:

- Minimalist design focused only on the current day

- Personal habits and tasks are tracked in one place

- Compliments your existing task manager for work

Please let me know what you think!

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it looks like Sunrise app logo
@matman fair criticism, the name Daily has been used a lot too, but I wanted to make the name/logo as simple as the app and both just stuck.
@s_reinhold i see ;) good luck with your app
Daily is free without ads or limitations. I may add a premium tier ($.99 or $1.99) in the future with features like night/vacation modes, sub-tasks/notes, syncing, and notifications. So any tips on what you'd like to see added would be appreciated. Thanks.
@s_reinhold Not a subscription model right? I can't think of the to do app, but Apple featured it and it costs $100 / year.
@shuenw That's correct, I think freemium is the way to go. Not sure which app you're referring to, but I was using Clear Todos before this which is $4.99
Reminds me of HabitList. Keep it Zen and super simple, please :) For now, it looks the biggest advantage over the similar apps, and adding more features is not always a better way to go. Good luck! :)
@aleks_muse I completely agreed, but early users have suggested some of those features and it seems like a good premium option to keep the basic version free. If/when it happens I plan to keep those settings on their own hidden menu so they don't take away from the simplicity.
Hey Shaun, very nice. Love the minimal approach. I think the ability to colour/highlight my tasks would be great. Eg setting colours for email tasks or project tasks etc!
@ivanbeckley thanks! That wouldn't be too difficult to add. Also, you can long press a task to sort them in the order you want.
Love the idea of daily habits + tasks in one place. Congrats on the launch @s_reinhold!