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Track the most interesting recent Twitter follows & faves

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Hey PH! Was impressed by the utility of seeing the new follows and favorites of other people in my network, so put together this utility to make it easier to track those signals. Given up to 5 people to track, it will email you each morning with the follows and favorites that person made the previous day. Similar to Bio is Changed by @jackpointnl in that there's a delight around getting regular daily updates about your network. In the week we've been trying it out, we've seen VCs track potential companies before they're funded, press follow companies before they launch, and people favoriting interesting articles from their stream that they wouldn't necessarily share publicly. Would love to hear thoughts!
@zmh great to see this live :) any thoughts around adding the functionality to trigger an alert if one of the 5 folks you've identified follows a specific acct? (in the same vein of "VCs track[ing] potential companies before they're funded") // @ryandawidjan
@jcap49 Definitely! In some cases you might want an immediate notification. Will be interesting to see if the notification use-case is more requested than casual network update use-case
@zmh Cool! Looking forward to my first email.
THIS is exactly what I've been looking for when it comes to tracking passive signals on Twitter: https://twitter.com/daveambrose/... Nice work @zmh and @ryandawidjan
This is great. Agree with @daveambrose. Great work @zmh and @ryandawidjan.
@GeoffreyWeg Thanks so much! Would love to hear your thoughts after you get a first email, hopefully it becomes a regular part of your workflow :)
@zmh I like that you're charging, too, but it would be nice to get free updates on a few more usernames. Not that I received any emails yet, but one feels a little light.
I guess you could count this as a discount @rrhoover, but just made it free for up to 3 users per suggestion from @GeoffreyWeg :) Related: just realized some data wasn't saving properly, so if you've already submitted choices, log in again and refresh the page to make sure everything was saved!
@zmh awesome! Any plans for a weekly-abridged version?