Command-line downloader for public datasets 📥

Dafter is a command line downloader of public datasets. It takes care of downloading and formatting the datasets' files so that you can spend hours building models instead of looking for datasets and their urls.
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👋 Hi Product Hunt, I’m a newbie datascientist who just graduated from school. 👨‍🎓 ❓Why dafter I want to learn to code Machine Learning algorithms, be it classifying cats 🐱 and dogs 🐶, happy sentences 😄 and angry sentences 😠 or hot-dogs 🌭 and not hot-dogs 🍔. All I need is some datasets that will allow me to test my ideas. But datasets are scarce, sometimes not well-referenced, and I spend most of my time just searching for them instead of creating value. That’s why I created dafter. The goal of dafter is to reference every public dataset on earth, just like homebrew does for software, and make it available through one and only one command : dafter get my-dataset 📦 Features: With dafter, you can - download datasets - get info about a dataset - search through all the available datasets with a system of tags - manage the datasets you downloaded PR welcome! 😇 Excited to hear about your feedback!

Congrats to the team !


Simple and great


Very fast

This sounds like an incredible contribution and I’m not even a data scientist or a developer.