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This looks really interesting. @grandenchilada @jcflorville @jags84 @dancingdiablo, can you tell us a little about what prompted you to build it? I'm interested in the idea of 'visual conversation' - can you explain what that is, and how you've created a space to enable it? What kind of features or structuring mechanisms are necessary?
@eliservescent Thanks! I'm an artist. We communicate best visually and currently there isn't a product in the market where we can have a dialogue using our own images. DADA is very simple: you make a drawing and anyone around the world can reply with another drawing, creating a spontaneous conversation. Here is a good example:
Very cool!
Love it when companies use the Hook Model to make their products more engaging. I was thrilled when @dancingdiablo emailed to tell me how she'd built a hook into DADA. Congrats!
@nireyal You gave us the framework, it's amazing to see it working.
@dancingdiablo @nireyal love it. 😊 Can you describe how the Hook Model is applied in DADA, Beatriz?
@rrhoover @nireyal Sure! the simple answer would be: 1- TRIGGER Internal: Artist’s burning need for validation. External: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, WOM. 2- ACTION Simplest action in anticipation of a reward: Scroll 3- REWARD Interesting visual stories (includes interesting drawings & artists) 4- INVESTMENTS Like, comment, follow & draw.
Big fan of @dancingdiablo and DADA!
@thesiskar Thanks Kevin! we are proud graduates of Founder Institute.