Dad Jokes Bot

Text "Dad Jokes" to 631-954-2447 😁

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Dad joke: Wall-e the robot gets his groceries from Walmart, and buys his drugs from Walgreens. But where does he get his money from? From his wallet. god damn it dad
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@gabriel__lewis hahaha - good one!
There are a lot of very serious bots. They try to solve novel AI problems. This is just meant to be fun. It can only tell Dad Jokes. It has a very narrow domain. Just text 631-954-2447 to get things started. I built this using Dexter ( and Twilio.
@eawharton fun stuff. Case sensitive?
@eawharton didn't work the first time, working like a rockstar now. my kids will be cursing dexter and eddie wharton. cheers!
This is neat - I like how there are plain text jokes and memes. There's a pun in there about "joke delivery" but I'll leave the jokes to the bot :)
@chipkoziara thanks! Dad Jokes Bot is no Navi, but it still has its place
Might this be coming to messenger platforms soon?
@decktonic It will not be coming from me. This was fun and I learned a good deal about bot UX. However, the incremental learning for messenger isn't worth it to me. Happy to share / chat with anyone who wants to bring this to messenger / slack / telegram. I'm at ewharton6 at gmail if someone is interested.
Makes me very happy
@marksilva Thanks -- have fun!