Friendly robots teaching kids about the beauty of the world.

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Hey, product hunters! I am Alex, one of the founders of Dacobots. I am happy to introduce you to our new educational portal with a twist! Thanks @afkehaya for the hunting. We are in BETA now, and yet we have managed to partner with a big and super nice company – Samsung! Together, we launched a pilot that is already available on Tizen TVs. You can control the interactive content in a very simple way, using not only various types of remote controls, but also a mouse and a keyboard. We used HTML5 technology, so Dacobots works both on TVs and on any other device. Side note: We moved far away from Flash. Kids are guided through the content by five robots which fulfill the role of elearning avatars. In the near future we will enhance the avatars with cognitive services – A.I. tech. We are actively searching for a partner that could team with us and make this possible. Presently, the avatars are made with text-to-speech technology so as to prepare them for that change. We provide high-caliber educational games for kids. We believe that the content should be crossing educational boundaries and helping kids think across them. For instance, the Brain Power series features many mnemonic techniques that can be employed to learn any content. Please test the example here: https://www.dacobots.com/#Chaini... We have developed 51 elearning games so far. We will reach 70 games by the end of November. We will improve the educational system overall by building lessons – the smart way. We challenge the elephants in this industry!
I started my career teaching K-12 and love creative eLearning games like this for kids. Hope to see you guys take offf!
@afkehaya Thank you Alexander. I hope kids will enjoy and learn something from our educational games.
Very well thought out games for kids. I always have tough time teaching new things to kids. Guess this will come handy!
@jitsalunke Thanks Jit! Don't forget to check out the promotion.