D3 Digest

A Slack bot that digests links based on their reactions

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Hey guys! I'm one of the makers of this project. Just to let you know that you can learn more about it on Medium https://medium.com/@d3estudio/20.... I can also answer any question you might have. (:
@victrgama Looks cool, Vito. Why did you create this project? What do you think the major use case is?
@afhill Hi Andrea! We created this project at D3 Estudio after realising that a lot of content was being shared on off-topic channels, and people were actually adding positive and negative reactions to this content. So why not index and display it in a more visual way? But this was our approach to the idea, see, the processed data is quite much flexible, which means that you can just consume the API we already wrote, or you can hack it and coming up with something of your own, such as a weekly newsletter, for instance. I think that allowing slack groups to display those items, or publishing them to members interested in a weekly digest of links people (that are part of this group) find interesting may be used by those huge slack teams (examples are NodeSlackers (http://nodeslackers.io) and Clojurians (http://clojurians.net))
Cool idea! Is there some installation of the bot, or I should setup my own?
@svetlyak40wt Hi there! We did not provide a provision script, but setting things up is really easy and take at most 10 minutes if you're using a DigitalOcean droplet (we're using an Ubuntu server). You can find more information on the project repository: https://github.com/d3estudio/d3-...