API for translating your chatbot into 40 languages

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Hugo Macedo
thanks @decktonic for hunting this. This is Hugo from Unbabel, the people behind the Cyrano API. We noticed that your bot can give you weather predictions, recite your schedule from the top of his head and even tell you a pretty good joke. But there is something we bet it can’t do - speak different languages. With Unbabel’s Cyrano API you can make your bot chat in over 20 languages including Arabic, French, German and Portuguese. Cyrano uses advanced machine translation to enable real-time multilingual conversations and if the translation is not clear, Unbabel’s community of 40k+ translators comes to help. Are you building or running a chatbot? Let us know any question on Cyrano. thanks Hugo @ Unbabel
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Do Something Good
This looks great, Will give it a try now! Danke!
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