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Ryan Hoover
Founder, Product Hunt
Cymbal just launched a big update, offering a new Explore section to listen to trending music nearby (great timing with SXSW) and hashtag discovery: I've seen a ton of social music-sharing apps struggle to take off but I like the execution of this so far. I often share music on Twitter, and some people dig it, but Twitter isn't the right context to begin listening. There's an opportunity to create a social network and a place just for music.
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@rrhoover it's interesting that you think, or say, that Twitter isn't the right context for music listening. One of the reasons Twitter has tried various things with music over the years is because "music" has repeatedly been the most talked about subject. I'm still willing to believe Twitter + music discovery can be a thing but all the right tools (consumer listening and artist upload tools) haven't clicked into place yet.
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Charlie Kaplan
VP Product @ Audiomack
@rrhoover thanks for hunting us, Ryan! Cymbal is the best way to discover music from the people who matter. We've built an amazing community, but wanted to go further. Following friends with divergent musical tastes is great for getting outside of your musical "box", but what if you want a community that likes what you like? What if you want the kind of original recommendations you can only get here, but you're more in the mood for Joni than Deafheaven? We reinvented hashtags to make it easy to find any community of listeners, regardless of what you like. Search anything (#tameimpala, #tbt, #hiphop, etc.) and sort by trending to make a perfect playlist for your interest, chosen by our community. Say Kendrick Lamar drops a surprise album. Check out #kendricklamar to see which of his songs Cymbal users love the most, right now, and then listen to that hashtag like a playlist. This update has a lot (editorial, trending users, etc), so check it out! It's how communities listen, discover, and share.
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Zach Hamed
Product manager at Goldman Sachs
Congrats on the launch guys! Cymbal is a homescreen app for me and I've found tons of great songs via @badboyboyce and others on it. Can't wait to try this out!
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Ben Tossell
No-coder 👉
My current process for this is post it on twitter multiple times until people I know get that it's my favourite... My process in uni was to play it out loud over and over and over again (yes I'm one of those!)
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Co-founder, Point
One of my early challenges with cymbal was that there wasn't enough activity or music for me to discover, but I think this new update fixes that. Excited to see this feature, and props to the team for this update!
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Anders KitsonFront end developer @ Acorn made
Been using this just a little bit, and discovered some new artists that are just what I was missing. Great execution. Now I'm a a fan of
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