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Cymbal promises to solve music discovery the same way it happens offline, through your friends and favorite tastemakers. What's there not to love?
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Thanks for hunting us @hnshah ! Cymbal is like Instagram, but you post songs from Soundcloud and Spotify instead of photos. Follow friends, artists, and tastemakers to populate your feed with the songs that represent listeners' lives. Click play and the whole thing works as a sort of living playlist, curated by the ears you trust. The app has been our little secret for a little over seven months now. When we started out, we were three college seniors who wanted to know what our friends were listening to — what song was making them tick. Now there are four of us, and we want to ask the world the same question. Throughout our short lifespan we’ve been hard at work not just molding Cymbal into the app we want it to be, but making it the place you can go to find the music that’s shaping people’s lives on a daily basis. This has started with an unbelievable community of listeners, artists, and organizations, from The Needle Drop to Tiny Mix Tapes to No Sleep to Electric Zoo to now you – yeah, you – who have seen just how great this can be, and want to be a part of getting there. Cymbal is becoming the music app we’ve always dreamt of, one song at a time. Want to know more? Here’s our full story:
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@nadomars ha, small world :) Congrats, this is looking good.
@antoinem @nadomars Appreciate it! We've been talking about Disco at the office and are in love with the design and functionality! Would love to chat more in depth one day if you're into the idea.
@nadomars thanks! Sure, you have my email. Have a nice PH day, it's starting pretty well...
@nadomars cool beans! dig the app. might get difficult to get my friends on board tho :(
@ajt put it simply " Spotify being the database of music and Cymbal being the place you are social with your music" perfect explanation. I've had the app about a week and love the experience.
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I've been using Cymbal for the past few months and it is the real deal. It got on my homescreen in a few hours of playing around.
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While there are many who have tried to be "Instagram for music", the Cymbal team has an attention to detail, UX, and design that's been unprecedented. You can tell this app was made by friends who truly wanted to create a better place to share music among exactly that, friends. I'm most excited to see how it evolves beyond just following friends, though, and more towards following those with similar music preferences, just like following Instagram accounts with photos you love (not just your friends').
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