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Being an data maniac is not an easy task these days and i know it. Couple of days ago I found Cyfe and I am pretty happy with their service and with their pricing model as well (comparing to the other solutions). You can combine data from various sources like social medias, sales systems, analytics and event to use your own data (csv) to feed a widget.
1) How is this better from competing services? 2) How did you Cyfe pick their price points?
@bogomep Thanks a lot for adding our product! @eriktorenberg We don't pay attention to competitors so unfortunately I won't be able to help you there. Our goal is to listen to our own customers and build more and more value for them. Though based on feedback we've heard from users who switched to Cyfe in the past our product is very easy to use but flexible enough to work with almost any use case (e.g. social media, marketing, finance, sales, IT, etc). And since we're a bootstrapped and profitable company we can offer all of this for the lowest price in the industry ($14 per month for unlimited dashboards and users). The reason behind this is pretty simple, to grow our market share as fast as possible. :)
@eriktorenberg As a long time user of Cyfe (having used other tools), I can attest to what @devenapatel said. I've been extremely impressed by how quick he responds and solves my question. They usually go above and behind in their answer, too. For example, they won't just tell me the fix, sometimes they'll explain their reasoning. I've also built custom tools for custom widgets which works great. Also, I'm of the same mindset when it comes to competition. Listen to the customer. Deven and his team do this well. :)
@mgallizzi Thanks a lot for your kind words!