CYCO Smart Pillbox

Taking your medication just got easier 💊

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CYCO Smart Pillbox automated scheduling, dose indicators, and dual sensors eliminate errors while taking your medication and keep caregivers in the loop.

Nikolai Lebedovsky
  • Nikolai Lebedovsky
    Nikolai LebedovskyMaking Things Happen >>> Startup Adviser

    Nice Design, App, Small size


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    I've just been through a 20 day antibiotics course and I can fully understand a need for such device. I can see using it for daily vitamins too, as I always forget to take them.

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Ken Savage
Ken Savage@kensavage · Founder of Automation88
Congrats Nikolai. What if I take different meds at different times in a day? Can you notify of 1 drug in the morning and different doses in the afternoon?
Nikolai Lebedovsky
Nikolai LebedovskyHunter@russianpilgrim · Making Things Happen >>> Startup Adviser
@kensavage I am not a the maker. Trying to get in touch with them, but coould not yet.
Pooja Naresh
Pooja Naresh@pooja_naresh · Product manager
Such a nice idea. Always forget to take my pills on time. I hope this would help.