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Hi Product Hunt community, I'm one of the makers of CybrHome. Firstly, BIG thanks to @riaface for hunting us! :) CybrHome curates the best of the web at one place. It is built around the idea of exploring the internet and covers all major topics (and we're constantly adding more everyday). It is perhaps the largest stash site on the web, and has also got features for crowd-sourcing and socialization. You can also be a contributor on @CybrHome and submit your favorite sites. We're already working on improving this product and adding more content, so I'd certainly like to hear your thoughts/suggestions and discuss more with you guys. Cheers!
@shubhambadal @cybrhome What's your front/back-end stack look like? Definitely a neat platform you got started!
@adamlaz Thanks a lot! On the front we're using Angular and on the back we're using Python (django). @a1gupta has written a detailed blog post about our technology stack. Please see this. If you've any suggestions or ideas, please share and we'll work on it. Can't wait to see you on CybrHome! :)
I tried Cybrhome, and it's cool. Add Other feature like automatic crawling, etc. Cybrhome may compete with other search engines :)
@manoj_ahirwar Thanks for your kind words Manoj. We're always looking forward for optimizations and features. You can write us a detailed feedback at Thanks!