Cyborg Writer

A text editor with an neural text synthesizer

Feeling writer's block? Hit <Tab> and an artificial neural network running in your browser will finish your sentence as if it were written by Shakespeare, the US Supreme Court, or Tupac Shakur.

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Wow this is really cool, and a very nice usecase for TensorFire. It looks like Robin Sloan's getting consistently better results than I get with Cyborg Writer.. what's the best-trained set to impress my friends? Can it be configured to come up with shorter sentences (that would maybe have a higher chance of making sense and fitting the text?) Really love this!
@mmariansky if you feel the need to impress your friends with a robot... 😁
@pixelmelter This is what I do for a living :-)
Doesn't seem to work on iOS?
So, "A founder's biggest fear is settled in the thoughts from the world and short of our powers,.." I mean, come on, who will resist this blog post start?