AI shopping assistant trained by insights from your friends

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George Nyako
Founder, CyberMonday.AI, BuddyExpress
Hi Product Hunters! I’m happy to share CyberMonday.AI with you after your supportive response to BlackFriday.AI. Thanks for all the love! :) CyberMonday.AI is your very own AI powered shopping assistant bot for Cyber Monday that is trained and enhanced by insights from your friends who know you well.  And it is also powered by Rendezvous as well, the social recommendation engine that leverages your social graph to generate serendipitous product recommendations for you. Your friends collaborate to train it so that it can find the best products optimized for your taste. You first tell it in natural language what you’re interested in, and then invite your friends for their recommendations before you see any results. Then every time a friend recommends something for you, the engine learns learns about your tastes better. For example, only your good friends might know that you prefer organic, or vegetarian, or particular brands, so the engine will pick up that pattern to serve you better matching recommendations. (thanks for the question @chrismessina) It’s a very different paradigm - being social first - and as such may take some getting used to, so please don’t hesitate to ask me any questions you may have. The good news is that is that you don't need a lot of training to get good use out of it because you immediately get the direct product recommendations from people who know you well. Also note that you can continue to use it even after Cyber Monday to get recommendations for other shopping seasons, or anytime you want to sit back and crowdsource your friends opinions to help you shop. Please follow the links to install the Facebook Messenger Bot so that you can use conversational natural language to find great deals. It's only on FB Messenger now but will eventually evolve into a standalone app. Thanks for reading! Looking forward to valuable feedback and insights, as always, from the Product Hunt community.