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Curated list of 100+ Cyber Monday deals for entrepreneurs

A curated list of 100+ ( and expanding... ) Cyber Monday deals on highly popular yet unique SaaS tools, software products and other digital products.

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Update: Thank you for the overwhelming support to LinkBox. The list is continuously being updated and since the launch of LinkBox, we have already 40+ new Cyber Monday deals based on various suggestions, submissions, and requests. Now the LinkBox contains more than 100 amazing deals and 90% of them will end in next 12 hours. We have also included #SetApp deal featured by #ProductHunt latest project 'ProductHunt Deals' :) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello Product Hunters, Just like Black Friday deals ( ), I have again curated a list of some cool Cyber Monday deals aimed mainly towards internet marketers, entrepreneurs, and founders. All links are beautifully curated in a single page with little details about each featured deal. Enjoy. PS: If you want to suggest me some other great deals that aren't already listed in the LinksBox, please submit it here- ( Foor quick addition, please comment here about the submission, since I am keeping track of PH upvotes and comments but not always looking at Google forms edit page. :) Thanks. Cheers, Nitesh
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@niteshmanav Awesome list! Great to see Brand24 in the mix! :D
@i_sekowska Ha ha ha.. your welcome. :)

Just started exploring it. List is awesome but deals can never be as awesome as Black Friday except a few one


Few deals are surprisingly great even when it's Cyber Monday, not Black Friday. :)


Only a few deals are cooler than Black Friday. :)

Thanks. Keep an eye on the deals. We are updating the list as well as soon I find a new great one. :)
Mainly for those who missed Black Friday deals. Nice list though. :)
@lovosphere : Thank you. Few deals are exclusive to Cyber Monday as well. :)
Just added! Nice idea, good luck with the launch πŸ™Œ
@ryanheybourn Just added Instaaa. :) I might purchase it as well. It seems great. :)
Being a WordPress enthusiasts, love to see so many WordPress related deals. :) Thanks for the share.
@bloggingdudecom Yes! Envato is on fire. 50% flat off on many themes and plugins which aren't even listed on their featured Cyber Monday pages. I tried to add few of the best ones based on my experience with Envato and WordPress. Happy that you liked it.